Software defined USB Data Cable

Connect PC, Mac, Android phones, iPhone. Send contents including messages, files, photos, video etc. wirelessly at lightning fast speed (up to 300Mb/s) - Howto video

Scan below QR code with Software Data Cable app to connect this PC:

Want to access the phone as a local drive? (Step by step)
  • Open this page with IE (Internet Explorer) and sacn above QR code
  • On IE press Alt, click View, and then click Open FTP Site in File Explorer


Tips for new users:

  1. Install app "Software Data Cable" via Google Play Store
  2. Open the app and start "CONNECT PC" service
  3. Tap "Connect PC" and scan above QR code with phone to get connected

Connect phones, tablets with single tap and share contents (files, folders, movie, music etc.) freely - no need for a Wi-Fi network or mobile data plan.

One stop solution from all your file transfer needs concerning your Android gadget.

Benifits? The fewer cables to carry the better;Seamlessly data transfer without cost;Send contents (file, folder, app, game, video, mp3 etc.) to other phones wirelessly.

Connect with nearby devices (phones, tablets), which also have Software Data Cable app installed. Send messages, contents to nearby devices and desktop.

Specially designed for family, class use. Connect devices in the same WiFi network and share contents with single tap. Share contents has never been such easy!

(Click to login Nearby)

Keep files and folders on phone in continuous sync with PC or cloud storage. Extend your mobile storage space without any cost.

Different sync tasks can be created to do the sync on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A super handy tool to backup your important files (or folders).

New to us? Download the app to get started:

Google play review highlights:

It is a very useful app. It is very fast to connect to friends
You can cut, copy, delete whatever you want. It works well with other smart phones too
easy to share
Awesome app easy to share with fast speed
good user interface
Easy and superfast with good UI